Activities at Sundays Beach Club

At Sundays Beach Club, we want to ensure you have your best time on the beach. 


We start with your arrival, where one of our friendly staff is there to greet you and usher you to the best available spot on our golden sands. From your comfortable daybed, you have access to all of our luxurious services and amenities.


As well as complimentary towels and wifi, our Ocean View Beach Bar is one of the best beach bars in Bali, and gives you the chance to choose from a range of signature cocktails, classic mixes, craft beers, ciders and international wines.


The Ocean View Beach Bar is also one of the best restaurants in Bali. Our Executive Chef Josh Tyler has handpicked the finest and freshest ingredients from local growers, farmers and fisherman to create a truly delicious and unique breakfast and all-day dining menu. 



For an even more elevated experience, our Private Beach Bungalows offer you a more exclusive piece of paradise, while the neighbouring Sundays Beach Spa will have you drifting away into ultimate relaxation mode.


But if your ideal day on the beach in Bali requires something a little more active, we also provide an array of complimentary water sports equipment. Whether you want to go paddle boarding, kayaking snorkelling or simply a leisurely swim, Sundays Beach Club has you covered.


Depending on what activity you want to take up, our comprehensive monthly tide chart and knowledgeable onsite lifeguards give you up-to-date information to best plan your more energetic time at the best beach club Bali has to offer.  


Paddle Boarding


Imagine a sport that can be a relaxing cruise along the shallows and also a good cardiovascular workout. Paddle boarding, or Sups, is one of the fastest-growing sports in the Asia-Pacific region.


It’s a sport that everyone can enjoy, regardless of your age, ability or size and Sundays Beach Club provides the perfect opportunity to give this activity a go whether it’s your first or 100th time. If you don’t fancy balancing on a board, our kayaks can give you a similar experience in a less vertical position. 


Regardless of your ability, the best time to take up paddle boarding or kayaking and traverse the crystal clear waters is when the ocean is calmer. The idyllic tide height for these sports is between 0.5m, and 1.0m, but the tides are like the weather — they’re always changing — so refer to our tide chart to find out the best time to paddle out to sea. 


Paddle Boarding - Activities at Sundays Beach Club


Swimming & Snorkelling 


Bali’s tropical climate means it’s hard not to be coaxed into the cool and refreshing lagoon-like ocean waters for some respite from the beating sun.


Sunday’s beach offers one of the best locations on the island for a relaxing swim amongst the teaming sea-life. If you want to see Bali’s aquatic creatures up close, then we provide complimentary snorkelling equipment that you can use at your leisure. 


Of course, the best times for these activities are during lower and calmer tides (between 0.5m, and 1.5m), but once the tides reach 1.5m and upwards our knowledgeable lifeguards set up flags for your safety and enjoyment. 



Body Surfing 


Once the tides are higher, generally speaking in the late afternoon, we recommend taking advantage of some of our waves that have made Bali so world-renowned for surfing. 


We do offer surfboards for those wanting to show off their barrel rolls, but you don’t necessarily need a board to make the most of these waves — they’re also perfect for body surfing. 


The late break our shoreline naturally provides means you can ride the waves back to land without any equipment. All you need to do is wade out, time your propulsion to catch the wave at its peak and enjoy the ride.   





Beach Volleyball 


If keeping dry is your thing, then we have recently installed a brand new beach volleyball court. 


Practice your ‘dig’ and your ‘spike’, or challenge your friends and family to a game amidst the stunning backdrop of the Indian Ocean.


Sundays Beach Club


Evening activities


The day doesn’t end after sunset at Sundays. In fact, we’re just getting started. 


From 5pm we transform our beach with a scattering of beanbags and bonfires to accompany the dying embers of the day. Take advantage of our happy hour, indulge in a glass of bubbles or toast some marshmallows as you lay back and enjoy the sunset with friends or loved ones.


Every month, we deliver live music and DJs to complement these sensational hours at Sundays, and if you get peckish, Executive Chef Josh Tyler has designed a delicious set menu at our Ocean View Bar. 


If keeping active is how you best enjoy your time at the beach, at Sundays Beach Club Bali, we’ve got you covered. 


Sundays Beach Club


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